Ever second guess yourself?  Someone offers you an opportunity, a gig, or a job and I LEAP. Of course! Thanks so much. Maybe even before I’ve thought it through. Why? I hate saying no. I have extreme FOMO (fear of missing out) a bit of “what of I don’t get something else and more than a smidge of impostor syndrome- the perception that I have NO RIGHT to turn something down. And the looming fear that something else might not come along.

I hear some mumbling in the back row- this may not be a new idea to some of you.

This year I have a new weapon. More powerful than a P+L Statement and more reliable than a gut check. 

The weapon?

Hell Yeah.

 Derek Sivers, founder of CDBaby a wrote in his book “Anything you Want” about the power of Hell Yeah. The idea that when asked a question, or offered something, your response should be a resounding HELL YEAH or no. No equivocating. No “Let me think about it”. A simple “Thank you but no.” 

Taking any offer that elicits anything less than a Hell Yeah is going to mean involving yourself in something that you will be 

-less than successful at

-you will find less enjoyable

-you will likely avoid doing- or not do well

-could even damage your reputation or credibility

There is a saying attributed to Buddha “The trouble is you think you have time” The reality is there is no time in your life for doing anything that feels less than ”hell yeah”.