That moment when you realize- this is your time and you’re ready to take your shot.

Entrepreneurs are pretty much like everyone else. We get up, get the kids and ourselves ready to face the day- do what we need to do to keep the bills paid, lights on. We’re like everyone else- except where we are not. Enough just isn’t, enough.

There was a song by an 80’s group called the Roches. A random line from their song called “The Anti-Sex Backlash of the 80’s” comes to me when I think of entrepreneurs

Some people around here
Can watch Punky Brewster and that’s about it
I probably would have been a little bored

And that’s it- the lightbulb moment. You’re a little bored- getting a paycheck, watching mainstream TV and falling asleep on the couch, general adulting.

Some people.

But entrepreneurs are turned on by something- an idea, a goal, a lack, or an opportunity. Something gets under their skin and they want to do something more- something else, something better, something different. It’s an itch they can’t scratch- a dream that won’t let them sleep.

The world was built by people like that. By people like you. And it can get dark when you start down that path. People say it’s impractical. Silly. Can’t be done. It doesn’t NEED to be done. You’ll even hear from that internal woeful chorus I call “The Shitty Committee”. That’s the voice inside your head that keeps asking you who you think you are to try and pull this dream off?

And there’ll likely be money woes, funding issues, failures and at least 3 crises of faith. But you’ll keep going and even when you fail, you’ll keep trying because you need to see this thing you love through.

Thomas Edison tested more than 3,000 designs for bulbs between 1878 and 1880. And electricity wasn’t a sure thing at the time! But he knew he had to create a source of light to guide dreamers in the dark.

So- in closing- when you’ve found your dream- find a tribe, a team, a subsistence income and goals and chase it as far as you can, fail fabulously along the way, but just keep on. When the lightbulb goes on for an entrepreneur – it brightens the world.